If you have a question about Campus Edge rentals please check below in our frequently asked questions, if your question isn’t listed below please feel free to send us an email or use our contact us page to send us your question.

How do we secure an apartment at Campus Edge?2018-09-22T20:20:06+00:00

The apartments at Campus Edge are very desirable and lease up quickly. We begin taking applications the first of September. All of the applying tenants need to tour the unit together, once they have toured and been approved the first group that puts down a non-refundable deposit of $500 per unit will hold that unit for one week. In that weeks’ time the rest of the security deposit must be paid and the lease signed and returned. If that does not happen the $500 deposit is forfeited. There is a $40 application fee per person.

Do I get a late charge if my rent is on time but my roommate has not contributed her portion of the rent?2017-02-01T19:37:20+00:00

Each property is assessed a late fee as a unit. If one person in a group of occupants is late the entire group is considered to be late. We do not accept partial payment.

What is the lease term?2017-02-01T19:36:57+00:00

The lease is for 1 year. The lease begins June 6th or 7th and ends the last week of May.

Can we each send separate checks for our rental?2017-02-01T19:36:37+00:00

No, as per all of our lease agreements each group of occupants must submit one check each month for rent. All of our leases are group leases and therefore require one group check.

Can we sublease our apartment ?2017-02-01T19:36:18+00:00

We allow subleasing, as long as the remaining tenants send us an email letting us know they are okay with the subletting tenant.

How far are you from campus?2017-02-01T19:35:49+00:00

The University of Delaware Campus is conveniently located within walking distance from all of our properties.

Do you lease by the bedroom or by the property?2017-02-01T19:35:25+00:00

We lease by the property only. What that means to our occupants is that everyone on the lease will be jointly liable for the lease.

Is the deposit per person or per property?2017-02-01T19:35:04+00:00

The deposit is per property.

Do we have to have 4 people for the four bedrooms or can we have a different number of occupants for the bedrooms?2017-02-01T19:34:33+00:00

Most units at Campus Edge require at least one of the larger bedrooms to be shared by two people. So a typical 4 bedroom normally holds 5 tenants. If the group wants to pay the 5 tenant price and only have 4 tenants that is fine.

What are the utility bills like?2017-02-01T19:34:12+00:00

All of our occupants pay their utility bills directly so it is very difficult for us to say what your average utility may be. We have been told by our tenants that they pay between $70 and $100 per month per tenant for utilities.