Rental Application

Applicant hereby gives landlord permission to contact any of the below-mentioned persons or companies including employers, prior/current landlords, banks, creditors, and friends for the sole purpose of verifying or exchanging the information given below. Only those items listed below will be discussed.

All incomplete applications will be rejected. In the event the below information is found to be incorrect, this application will be declined.
* Denotes Required Fields.
**Mandatory – Must be filled out for all groups.
**All occupants in each group must send in separate applications.**

Prior to signing a lease, each occupant will be required to have a guarantor execute the co-signer form. For review purposes only, a sample is located under the rental application tab.




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*Date of Birth :

**Other APPLICANTS in Group:

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*CURRENT Status :



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Supervisor Name :

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Child support, alimony, public assistance or separate maintenance income need not to be revealed unless you wish this to be considered as a basis for payment.

Has guarantor ever applied for or received relief under the Bankruptcy Law? :


Has guarantor ever been evicted or convicted of non-payment of rent in court? :


Has guarantor always paid your rent/debts when due? :


Does guarantor own or rent? :



Application for CampusEdge
Thank you for your interest in renting at CampusEdge. Below are application directions for renting an apartment. Please read the Rental Responsibilities (below) before applying.

  1. There is a $40 per person non-refundable application fee. Make this check out to Mayhew Management LLC. Cash is also accepted.
  2. Please complete an application for each tenant & hand them in together.
  3. Drop off the completed applications along with the $40 application fee at the rent drop box located at 58 Corbit Street, Newark, DE 19711. The slot is located next to the front door.

Questions? Please e-mail:

Renting Responsibilities for CampusEdge

  1. The rent is to be paid in one check.
  2. If you are a student, a parent/guardian will be required to co-sign the lease. No exceptions.
  3. Each tenant will pay a one time maintenance fee of $195.00 on June 1. This fee covers snow removal and lawn care.
  4. Keep the apartment clean. We will make occasional inspections of the apartment to be sure it is clean & in good condition. Money will be deducted from your security deposit for excessive dirt.
  5. The security deposit can not be used for the last month’s rent.
  6. When you move out, the security deposit check will be mailed to one person, in one check. It will be that person’s responsibility to make sure the other parties get their share.
  7. Trash Removal: Regular trash removal is included. The site will have dumpsters-pick up days to be
  8. You are responsible for all utilities including the water bill. The water bill will come in CampusEdge LLC’s name to your address quarterly. Any unpaid water bill will be removed from your security deposit.
  9. Each apartment will get 2 parking spaces.
  10. No pets allowed at all